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How often should I visit the dentist?

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It is recommended to see the dentist at least once every 6 months and have x-rays taken every year. In addition to getting your professional dental cleaning, this will help detect problems while they are still small. Often, a filling with a small defect can be replaced with another filling. However, if a cavity is allowed time to grow under that filling, it may require a crown and sometimes even a root canal! Patients that already have fillings and crowns are at a higher risk for new cavities, so it is that much more important for them to ensure to keep up with regular dental visits and x-rays. Taking a year or two vacation from dental visits can result in treatment needs that are much more involved and expensive!

Another huge benefit of keeping your cleaning appointments is the oral cancer screening. The dental office is often the first line of defense and diagnosis when it comes to oral cancer.

For those patients that have active gum disease or are high cavity risk, it recommended to see the dentist more frequently. The recommended frequency for these patients is once every three to four months.

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