A Local Dentist Is Putting His Pet Passion Where His Mouth Is

Dr. Andrew Vallo D.D.S. is a Tampa Bay Dentist. He is also an animal lover. An experience a few years back with his own dog struck a chord. The dog had been surrendered twice at a young age before this dentist came to his rescue at a shelter. The dentist never forgot those images of that malnourished dog & was happy to nurse that dog, named Samson, back to health. He’s now a happy 5 year old strong pup. Dr. Vallo never forgot the situation and always wanted to do more.

Now Dr. Vallo is teaming up with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay by donating an entire month’s supply of food for one pet per new patient at his practice, The Dental Boutique Westchase. The food will go a long way toward pet health. The cost breakdown is about $300 to feed one pet for a month. It’s a very generous decision and offering.

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